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Washington STARS

(State Training and Registry System)


The STARS Registry - Student STARS Records

The information below has been adapted from the Questions and answers for Trainers, Training Organizations and Providers published by the Washington Dept. of Early Learning  (DEL).

The State Training and Registry System (STARS) database is where DEL stores information about trainings that child care providers have taken, as well as information about approved STARS trainers and training organizations. DEL owns the database and STARS Web site at

Effective April 1, 2010 DEL took the original STARS database offline while a new, more robust online registry was designed.



The Department of Early Learning (DEL) has launched their new tool to help manage early learning professionals’ training and education information. This tool is called the Managed Education Registry Information Tool (MERIT)

What you can do now at

  • Search for upcoming training events without logging in.
  • Look up a STARS ID if it has been forgotten or misplaced. Early learning professionals who had a STARS ID before will continue to have the same ID in MERIT.
  • Apply online for a STARS ID number if you have NEVER had a STARS ID.
  • View and print full training history, including information from the old STARS database.
  • Update online basic personal information.
  • Begin an application to update education, certification/endorsement information and training profile.
  • Trainers and training organizations can log in and upload training events and complete their attendance lists.


STARS ID Numbers

STARS ID numbers are now required for recording completed STARS training.  To find out your STARS ID number, go to:

Do you need help with obtaining a STARS ID? We now offer a FREE training to help * 1 2 3 A STARS ID - enroll now


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